Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Glimpse of Jesus

"God is tender and loves us as just as we are, not in spite of our sins and faults, but with them. God does not condone or sanction evil, but he does not withhold his love because there is evil in us. The key to this understanding is the way we feel about ourselves. We cannot stand or accept love from another human being when we do not love ourselves, much less believe or accept that God could possibly love us." -- Brennan Manning, A Glimpse of Jesus

I am currently reading A Glimpse of Jesus by Brennan Manning. I loved Ragamuffin Gospel and every thought I've ever read by this remarkable man. This book is no exception. I read Ragamuffin Gospel relatively quickly because it was so good. While this book is equally as good, I am reading it slowly. In part because I have been a bit busy as-of-late. But mostly because of the subtitle. The whole title reads like this: A Glimpse of Jesus: The Stranger to Self-Hatred.

While I don't hate myself, I know it won't surprise my handful of readers to hear me confess that I have difficulty receiving love. From God or anyone, really. I look at others who struggle the same and I cannot understand it. I have no trouble seeing how other people (even ones who frustrate me!) are deserving of love. I just have trouble receiving it myself. And the Lord has (humorously) surrounded me with an unbelievably loving family, loving friends, and companions on this journey. He is desperately trying to show me how he loves me through others. And I know that he does...I just don't know that I know that I know.

I venture to say many of you feel at least partially the same. Or maybe you don't. Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. It is a lingering difficulty in my life. It has been alleviated during brief seasons in my life, but it still seems to loom behind me. I long to be set free of this feeling and I believe that God desires that for me (and you!). But how?

For now, I am learning a lot from this book and what Manning pulls from the Word. I feel layers being lifted and I am loving it, but I have a long way to go!


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Clay said...

I love your comment about knowing that you know that you know.
I've read Ragamuffin Gospel and Abba's Child...haven't read the book you're reading. I too love Brennan Manning.
You might be interested in downloading an interview with him from
It's free, and you really get a nice insight into his life.

Cindy said...

I don't have any answers, but can identify with your comments. Thanks for sharing the quote too...sounds like a great book.

Stephanie said...

Have you read "The Signature of Jesus" by Brennan Manning? It's my favorite of his books.

WANDERER said...

I am currently reading this book.
A small group of us made a trip from Toronto to Erie PA to spend a weekend (Apr 11-13) with Brennan Manning.
If he is ever speaking within a few hrs drive you should make and effort to attend.
It is a time I'll always cherish.
There is also a session with him on youtube about an hr long which you may be interested in.