Monday, January 11, 2010

That Place

When you see God, it will not be a new discovery. It will be a profound recognition of that heart and soul of yourself that is already in union with God. All contemplation, all true prayer, is an attempt to go back to that place. – Richard Rohr

I want to find that place Rohr is talking about here. Daily. I am searching for my "Upper Room," as Beth Coppedge put it in a chapel message one morning in seminary. I have never been able to escape her words or that concept. Your "Upper Room" is that place that is just yours and God's. Once you find that, everything else in your life will be His also. It is a place of surrender, a place of peace. Mostly, it is a place for you to "be" with the Father...openly and honestly. Raw. Unrestrained. Filled with praise and prayers and listening and loving.

I am desperate for that place right now. I want to find a real space where I can meet God everyday. Those times in my life when I have experienced the most peace are those in which I have carved out a time and space for intimacy with God. This is lacking in my life right now. Oh, I still "do my quiet times" and "say my prayers" as I should. But I still feel a little empty spiritually, which only leads to emptiness, unrest, and frustration in other areas of my life.

I am determined to find my "Upper Room" and establish residency in the place Rohr is speaking of in the quote above. I am certain that once I do, I find the peace I seek. And eventually "that place" will be everywhere...