Monday, July 16, 2007

Things that Disturb/Annoy Me...

Walking out of a bathroom with two un-purchased books at a local bookstore…

Non hand-washers…especially at a bookstore or restaurant!

Texting while driving

Strangers who have what my friend Julie calls “verbal diarrhea” all over you…

Changing a baby’s diaper somewhere other than the bathroom…

Public breast-feeding

40+ year-old women wearing halters

Toupees (Especially on married men. I mean, all sense of intimacy would be lost when he took that thing off to go to bed…)


Hair helmets on older (or younger, for that matter) women

Men who wear eyeliner (except maybe that guy from Green Day...)


Those shoes with the wheels on them

Little girls in strapless dresses

Jeans that are entirely too low rise (i.e. – seeing a bare rear end on a man or woman while shopping etc.)

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet


Parents who let their kids run all over the place (especially in restaurants)

Walking into a public place (restaurant, mall, etc.) without shoes

Consider this a work in progress...I am sure I will add to it often! Feel free to add your own!!


Jackson said...

Bel Biv Devoe?

T Michael W Halcomb said...

king james onlyists

rapture theologians / left behind

people who whistle when the speak (especially with the letter "s")

having to wear wet jeans

when people wear socks with flip flops or sandals

when people don't leave a message on the machine but simply hang up

the smell of oriental food

the way they eat salads in Turkey & Greece -- no dressing or toppings, only carrots and olive oil - yuck!

when people equate patriotism with faith

people who always think that studying the Bible lends to its destruction

craigeroo said...

Hey, I haven't eaten in three days so I'm going to cram my face with pop corn and nachos throughout this movie. Mom never taught me how to chew with my mouth closed, so you can all enjoy listening to me compete with the THX sound sytem at this theatre. And hey, just for the helluvit, I'll open as many candy wrappers as possible throughout this puppy.

T Michael W Halcomb said...

oh yeah,

sitting next to someone who is eating, or better yet, slurping down cereal (especially when they are using a metal spoon and a ceramic bowl)!

Jackson said...

Craig's Blog

craigeroo said...


Julie said...

Julie Julie Julie- How I love this sort of list, I think we could compile a list a mile long.
Some of my personal faves:
Clipping fingernails in public...clipping toenails in public should send one straight to hell if you ask me. Seriously, what would possess one to do such a thing?
I better stop at one-I do love your blog and tender heart. WE NEED TO CONNECT SOON-we have catching up to do!

Julie said...

Oooh...seriously true about the clipping of fingernails/toenails in public. Ick. I completely agree with the sentence you give those people, too, Jules. Very funny...and fitting. The ONLY time that is "appropriate" is at a salon where you're getting a manicure or pedicure! :) Even then I don't want to watch!

jilljohnandhope said...

This was such a funny post. I would like to add to the list...

When people working at the fast food window don't say "thank you" or "have a nice day", or anything!

Double Dippers

And people who take babies to the pool without a diaper, swim diaper, nothing. Just put kid in the pool with a swimsuit on! Yuck!

Oh, and children over the age of 2 with a pacifier!

Wait! Still more! When servers at resteraunts touch your silverware not on the handles! Ewww

Ok, that's about it...but, I will say that, as an owner of a baby, sometimes there is not a suitable bathroom to change a baby in! I have been known to change Hope in public, but I always laid her in her own stroller to do it, never on a public surface! :-)

Julie said...

I think that is acceptable, Jill...I understand those types of things. My sister has done that same thing and has changed them in the back part of her car.

I overstated a few things on the list. They aren't always completely unacceptable! :)