Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Find of the Day

I have just returned from the local Christian bookstore. I went to browse their Bible study material to see if I could find any possibilities for my college students. While that might not seem all that interesting, it was. It was, at the very least, enlightening...

While there I could not resist the card section. I am sucker for good cards (Though there are very few good ones these days in the Christian book stores...sad, but true.). I noticed something ironic.

There was no section for "love." Interesting. Disturbing. Ironic. Sad.

Isn't that a central principle for us? And shouldn't we be about love...sustaining marriages and relationships and expressing love to each other? As it is, most of the books on relationships in the Christian bookstore I went to (a national chain) assumed not love...but difficulty and problems. The titles were mostly negative. The ones that weren't were more of a "how-to" guide to finding your mate. Those leave a bad taste in my mouth.

So, what does this say about us (Christians, the Church)?


craigeroo said...

What does this say about us Christians? We need more Christian romance novels, the trashier the better. I'm sure Jackson would be willing to pose for the cover.

craigeroo said...

Oh yes, and I agree with you, Julie--Christian culture of late seems enthralled with hardship and struggle as opposed to joyful living, freedom through Christ, and (of course!) love.

Clay said...

How can we hope to impact the culture at large when Christian culture itself is so often in such a sad state? I have often felt this way after spending some time in a Christian bookstore.

(By the way, I don't know who Jackson is, but hey, if you think he could change things....)