Friday, March 23, 2012

A Start...

A start on the writing down of one thousand gifts/graces/joys in my life...

1.  Smiles from my little guy when I pick him up from daycare each day.

Whatever the day behind me was - good or bad - disappears with that smile.  His smile reminds me of all things good.  It revives.  It relieves.  It reassures.  It does all of these things for me and more.

2.  A quick kiss from the hubs everyday when he comes home.

Needs no explanation, really.  But I'll just say it really is the little things like this that make a person feel so loved and secure (and I can assure you I am most definitely not looking sexy at that point in the day!).

3.  Little bit standing at the door pleading, "Doe dide?"  {translation:  "Go outside?"}

Cuteness personified.  Put him on that slide and he cannot contain his joy!

4.  Bedtime prayers with my husband.

I'll admit that I periodically fall asleep as he prays.  He never wakes me, though.  He thinks it is cute and just goes along and finishes praying for us both.  He's a keeper.

5.  Little Pookie.

If you have a little person and have not discovered these books, please find them and purchase them.  So cute. We ♥ Little Pookie at our house and read a Pookie book most every night.  Plus, the Pookster is a pig and that bodes well with this Razorback fan.  Just sayin'.

I'll share some more of my one thousand blessings as I write them down.  I am still looking for the right "notebook" in which to write them.  It is crucial that I find the right one if I am going to count all the way to one thousand!  Priorities, people. :)

Postscript:  Can I just say that the song in my head since I started down this road of rediscovering gratitude and really experiencing grace has been none other than Rocky Mountain High by John Denver?  If you know me well, you know I adore JD.  I was deeply saddened the day he died.  But his music still plays in my heart and on my CD player (yep, still use one of those) often.  It seems he already knew what I've learned (re-learned?) from one thousand gifts.  All of us really just need to go about life "seeking grace in every step {we}take."  Wise man, that John Denver.  Wise man.


Olivia said...

SO...Reading this blog reminded me that I miss you...and that I love your sweet, sweet spirit! I'm making some trips home for wedding stuff (NOT MINE) so maybe one of these trips I can swing into town and have a meal with you! LOVE YOU JULIE!

Julie said...

We miss you, too, Olivia! PLEASE come and visit us! Love you, too!