Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Life does not always lend itself to naps and trips and time away from the everyday-ness of things.  We are not often able to take time out to just rest - physically or emotionally.  Perhaps we had this luxury in college and maybe even graduate school, but never since.  They are a thing of the past, especially with a newborn (even with an easy-going and great sleeping kid like mine).  Still, I am convicted and convinced that we can find rest amidst the chaos that is life.

Rest is more than sleeping and escaping.  Rest is a state-of-mind.  Kind of like Sabbath.  The idea of a full day of rest is appealing to me.  Appealing, but impossible.  I have a little one who needs me and a job that can be sometimes unpredictable.  I do hope to reach a time in my life where a day of rest is at least closer to reality for me, but that time is not now.  So, I can either bemoan that or make my peace with it and find pockets of rest in the midst of it all.  I choose the latter.  Or at least I am trying.  I hope to process and share more about how I am seeking this rest in my life in posts to come.  In the meantime, enjoy this post from the wonderful blog {in}courage. If your life is anything like the average woman/person, you'll be able to relate to this more than you'd like to admit!

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Carolina Girl said...

You are so right, Julie! Rest as a state of mind...brilliant!