Friday, November 13, 2009

Listening to Life

I think I was a little spoiled in Kentucky this time of year. The colors during the Fall are indescribably beautiful. While I love it here in Alabama with the decidedly warmer weather and extra sunshine, I do so miss the Fall season in Kentucky. I love the colors, the breezes, and the overall way God speaks to you in the changing seasons. His voice, His creation speaks so clearly and audibly to me in those times.

Here in Alabama, the seasons change almost abruptly. There is no real progression of things, you just wake up one morning and it is cold. The same is true with most seasons here. I miss the in-between-ness that is Fall in Kentucky. It stretched out a little and, certainly, the leaves were majestic. {The only place I've been where it was even more exceptional was Asheville, NC. The Billy Graham Retreat Center offered some of the most beautiful trees and leaves I have ever seen. Largely because they built the retreat center amidst the trees instead of clearing them all.}

I am thinking of all of this today because I took a quick walk through Chewacla, a State Park that is just minutes from our home, this afternoon. I love it there. It is peaceful and wonderful and filled with creatures and creation that never fails to make me smile. Just today a chipmunk quickly crossed my path on my journey. Those little guys make me laugh! But one thing was missing on my journey: the bright colors of a Kentucky Fall. I saw one - just one - tree with leaves that had changed colors to a bright yellow. It was gorgeous, radiant. And yet it made me kind of sad and nostalgic, too. I'll say it again - I miss those Kentucky trees!

But then a thought occurred to me. So, the colors and trees and the obvious signs of the season aren't as bold and bright as they are in Kentucky. What if that is part of God's message to me in this season of my life? I believe His word to me today was that sometimes we must look for the blessing, for signs of God's love, for the radiance of His light. God so often speaks to us subtly in that "still small voice" rather than the loud voice we long for. I needed that message today and God gave it to me in my longing. I love that He works so creatively...

{The first two pictures were taken by my outstanding husband and the last by the incomparable photographer Rob Baird. All are pretty exquisite, don't you think?}

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