Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Prayer for Advent

Holy Child,
whom the shepherds
and the kings,
and the dumb beasts adored,
be born again.

Wherever there is boredom,
wherever there is fear of failure,
wherever there is temptation too strong to resist,
wherever there is bitterness of heart,
come, Thou Blessed One,
with healing in Thy wings.

Savior, be born in each of us
who raises a face to Thy face,
not knowing fully who he is
or who Thou art,
knowing only that Thy love
is beyond his knowing
and that no other has the power
to make him whole.

Come, Lord Jesus,
to each who longs for Thee
even though he has forgotten
Thy name.

Come quickly.


- Frederick Buechner


Clay said...


Thank you for sharing.

ldck said...

Thanks Julie! Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday to you and to our precious savior! Avery has had many more "revelations" of faith this season. I will try to share "faith through the eyes of a child" on the blog very soon! Take care. Miss you!