Saturday, September 29, 2007

Things I Love

In no particular order (other than the first two!)...

1. The Trinity.

2. The Communion of Saints.

3. A Good Book. (Like...700 Sundays by Billy Crystal)

4. Dark Chocolate.

5. Cards.

6. Letters.

7. Snickerdoodle Coffee from Common Grounds.

8. A Good Laugh.

9. A Good Cry.

10. Conversations.

11. An Inspiring Quote.

12. The Cone (If you're in it, you know who you are and that this encompasses oh-so-much).

13. My Southern Gentleman of a Boyfriend.

14. My Adorable Nephews.

15. My Unbelievable Family.

16. Quiet Time.

17. A Good Movie.

18. Hiking.

19. John Denver (First on a long list of guilty pleasures in the music department...).

20. Good Lyrics (Welcome to Our World by Chris Rice is an all-time favorite).

21. Writing.

22. Road Trips.

23. Long Walks on the Beach. (especially with # 13...)

24. A Well Placed Comma :).

25. The Smell and Taste of Coconut (Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut is fantastic).

That's all for now. Your turn now!


Olivia said...

and Olivia...

Julie said...

Did I not say that? Yes...and Olivia, for sure. You make me smile!