Friday, June 08, 2007

What about the rest of us?!

Take a look at these photos I have been admiring lately. The photos were taken by my friend Rob who is off on adventure in Alaska. The pictures he has taken of the scenery there will make you want to jump on the next plane so you can see it for yourself. In lieu of that, enjoy his photos. While you are there, take a look at the other albums. I am pretty sure Rob can make anything look beautiful (take a look at the album called "macro-tastic")!

In addition to being a fantastic photographer, Rob is also extremely smart, an excellent singer, unbelievably creative (In the third picture in "me," he's looking through a piece of art he made from paint sample squares!), a great speaker, deeply loyal, an expert practical joker, and a lover of Jesus (and good pizza!). He's so gifted, sometimes I feel like it is unfair to the rest of us. But Rob is also genuinely humble, so it is hard to stay jealous...

Anyhow, enjoy the photos!


Katie Swisher said...

I must second these emotions...Rob's a great dude! I miss you both!

kristy said...

Julie, that truly sounds like a personal ad for Rob...all you need to add is 'loves long walks on the beach'! But I'm with you, it does make you want to hop the next plane to Alaska. I'll go if you go ;) (You think I'm kidding, but with a little encouragement I could be talked into skipping simimary and hanging out in Alaska for a while.)