Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unbelievable and Unexpected

A friend of mine just sent this to me and just told me to watch it. I am asking you to trust me and do the same. Please take the time to watch at least the first of these videos. I promise you it will surprise you and make your day...

Paul Potts 1

Paul Potts 2

Paul Potts 3


Olivia said...

I have NO WORDS...for these videos. It was a good cry, a happy cry if you will. INCREDIBLE...Thanks for sharing!

Katie Swisher said...

I love Paul Potts! My mom and I have been watching these videos for the past few weeks. AWESOME! :)

Julie said...

I know...he is amazing. This made my day yesterday. I must have watched them all at least three times each. I promise I will go see him in an opera if he makes his way to the States!

And P.S. Miss should totally start an actual blog!