Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Standing Together

The pictures above are of a board a few of the students from the Auburn Wesley Foundation painted and placed on the AU concourse. Thousands of Auburn students signed it and then a couple of AU students drove it all the way to Virginia Tech last night. It now stands on the Virginia Tech campus along with several other similar memorials from other schools across the nation. I share these pictures with you today because they inspired me and reminded me that the people of VA Tech are our family. May it serve as an inspiration to you and a reminder to stand with them in prayer over the next several weeks, months, and years.

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alison said...

hey girl--thanks for your sweet words about our little one. She hasn't ceased to amaze us since she got here.

I'm so glad to see such great things happening in your ministry--it's been so awesome to see how God has placed all of our Asbury friends where He can shine brightest (no matter what the circumstance) through them. We love you!