Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Island Time

The team is back from Jamaica...with most of our baggage. We had a little trouble with customs in Miami, but nothing too major. We are still waiting on a couple of bags, but the important thing is that the whole team is back safe-and-sound. Believe me, that is a major miracle in itself. It was touch-and-go there for a little bit, but it all worked out.

The trip itself was really good. The team of thirty that went worked hard on three different projects around Trelawny, Jamaica and built eternal relationships with the people in the area. There were countless kids and some pretty amazing adults at every site. We worked hard on all three of the projects, but I think the major work was done on our hearts during our stay there.

I developed a love/hate relationship with the whole idea of "Island Time." In a lot of ways, it was really great to surrender to such a way of life. It was nice to not be bound by time as much. I didn't even have a clock nearby at night to know what time it might be. Island Time equals complete trust in the people around you. Lunch for our crew came at a different time everyday...but it came. The bus arrived at least thirty minutes early or late everyday...but it came. Everything was very flexible. I liked that in a lot of ways Sometimes, though, Island Time got the best of me (and the group). Sometimes it meant not knowing what was going on at all. I am not a fan of that feeling. Still, I surrendered to it...and everything always worked out in the end.

Overall, it was a really good trip. The work we did with God and with each other was great. The vacation days in Ocho Rios were fantastic. The trip back was...eventful.

If I could just find time to rest...makes me miss Island Time!

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