Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It seems it has been well over a month since I have posted any words of my own.  If you keep up with me at all on Facebook, you already know it was an eventful month.  Wait...that is an understatement.  It was crazy, y'all! We're talking worthy of a sitcom craziness.  I can say sitcom now, but it sure felt more like a mini-series drama there for a few days! the span of a few days I managed to fall down (stupid wedge heels) and fracture my elbow, both of my boys got sick, I fell down again (yep!) and dropped John Reynolds in the front of a million (ok, five) witnesses.  This was both horrifying and reassuring.  Horrifying for obvious reasons.  You never ever want to drop your child.  It is the most awful feeling ever.  Ever.  It is also rather overwhelming to do so in front of so many people.  It was reassuring because the assistant director and one of the teachers were so awesome.  They were calm (I was most definitely not calm at this point.) and at least a handful of people I never met stopped to tell me their own stories of dropping their children.  When it was all said and done, John Reynolds did not have much to show for it..  He was upset and scared at first, but mostly seemed worried because Mommy was upset.  He didn't even get a goose-egg, just a little surface bruise that was gone in a couple of days.  When we got home, he kept hitting his head and saying, "Ohhhh" and then smiling.  I felt a little like that episode of friends where Monica injures Ben and he keeps saying, "Monica...bang." As if I needed to be reminded what happened.

As I type, we are on round three of the antibiotics for this particular ear infection.  I am afraid tubes might be in our future if this doesn't take care of it.  I am hoping not, but there are worse things than tubes.  Other than that, we are doing well.  Meaning:  I haven't fallen down in a couple of weeks.  Progress, people! Life is crazy, but it really is good.  I love life with my boys and am thankful for every minute with them both.

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Us said...

Oh Julie. So glad you're ok though (other than the fractured bone). Praying the little man gets better!