Wednesday, January 05, 2011

John's 2011 New Year's Resolutions

Yes, yes...I am aware of how terribly CUTE he is. I know I am biased, but he is pretty adorable.  Everyone says.  Even his pediatrician says so and she sees lots of kids.  He just had his one month check-up and everything looks great.  He is almost 11 pounds (10lbs 13 oz.) and has grown a bit lengthwise, too (22 1/8 inches).  He sleeps great already, only getting up for one feeding in the middle of the night.   I am aware that writing all of this stuff down might jinx it all, but I don't care.  I've been talking about what a good baby he is to everyone and he continues to be one so far!  He has fussy times, but it is usually just because of gas pains or because he is naked.  Little man does not like to be naked.  We think this is funny, though.

He is currently taking a mid-morning nap and asked me to blog his New Years Resolutions for 2011.  Enjoy!

1.  Sleep through the night.  I am pretty sure these people are going to feed me plenty and I need some rest.  I think I should be able to meet this goal early in the new year.

2.  Gain weight.  I cannot wait until these parent people start giving me some solid food.  I smell all this good stuff and all I get is formula that is kinda stinky.  Bring on the rice cereal and veggies in the new year!

3.  Sit up.  I heard my parents got me this cool seat called a Bumbo.  All my friends have one and they love it! You get to see so much more! I can't wait to sit in mine and watch those "Baby Einstein" and "Praise Baby" DVDs my mom keeps talking about.

4.  Turn over.  I really like spending time on my tummy, but I want to learn how to get back onto my back when I am done with that.  It seems easy enough.  Hopefully I can figure that out soon.

5.  Learn to crawl/walk.  I am hoping I will do this sooner than my mom.  I hear she waited to walk until 17 months old!  I cannot wait that long to crawl/walk.  There are things I want to do/see!

6.  Obviously, my major goals are: eat, sleep, poop and pee.  I am already doing great at this!  My dad thinks I should be potty-trained already and keeps talking about owing him 9-months back rent or something, but...whatever.  I know they will change my diaper regularly and keep me clean.  Although I don't really like that thing they call a "bath."  Ugh.  All I get is wet and cold. Dislike!  Maybe once they let me play with all those bath toys I see around I will like it?!

7.  Learn to talk. I have a lot to say and all I can do is cry, grunt, and coo (sort of...working on that!).  I have been trying to smile to show them what I like, but haven't got that down just yet.  The crying thing seems to work pretty quickly, so who knows what will happen when I can actually say something!

8.  Keep being the lovable, sweet, easy-going baby I have been so far.  I hear about these fussy babies and I just want to tell them, "C'mon kiddos, you know these people are going to take care of you.  Calm down and just enjoy these lazy days with these people! Cry when you need something, but none of this general weepiness.  No one likes a whiner!" :)

I think that is it for 2011.  If John tells me of any other goals, I will let you know.  These are the big ones for now.  Hope y'all have a happy and blessed start to the new year!

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jilljohnandhope said...

Love it! The "Dislike!" made me giggle! Baby John sure seems goal oriented! Much like his mama?! Good luck John, I know you can do it! Take it easy there on the whole walking thing. You babies are so much harder to keep up with when those feet get to steppin'!