Monday, September 27, 2010

"We are above all things loved - that is the good news of the Gospel - and loved not just the way we turn up on Sundays in our best clothes and on our best behavior and with our best foot forward, but loved as we alone know ourselves to be, the weakest and shabbiest of who we are along with the strongest and gladdest." - Frederick Buechner

I just wanted to share this quote from someone I consider a kindred spirit.  I love his words and identify with him so much.  I want to know him...and feel like I do.  It is that whole communion of saints thing I get so excited about all the time.  Buechner is tops on the list of people I have connected with despite the fact that we have never met.  Search the blog and you'll find plenty more quotes from this remarkable man.  Enjoy and soak this one in first, though...and be encouraged.

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