Monday, March 30, 2009

Word of the Week

My little sister inspired this blog post. I am not sure she meant to, but she did. I was reading her blog (see "Jenny and Matt" on the sidebar) and she had capitalized a couple of words in her blog for emphasis. I think it was because those were the words that she was replaying in her mind that particular day/week as she adjusts to her new marriage and life in Green Bay. Anyhow, it made me think that maybe having a "word of the week" might be a good idea for my own life. I've been contemplating this for several days. It may seem a little cheesy or hokey, but...I think it might be just what I need. God-inspired? Maybe. My sister is a pretty godly woman, so if she inspired me then God is in it.

My thought is that this weekly word might help to center my thoughts during an otherwise busy day. It might serve to stop me from doing or saying something I shouldn't. It might bring joy, inspire, encourage, challenge, and strengthen me and others I encounter. So, I'm going for it. I hope it helps you, too. I'll post a new word weekly (maybe more than one a week here and there?). Feel free to post your thoughts on that word or let me know how it might be helping you. Blogging at its best breeds community and we need to hear from each other.

The word of the week for this week is: HONOR. Truthfully, I've been trying to think of a more interesting word for the week. I could not escape this one. I guess this means that God has impressed this on my mind for some reason. The word comes from the passage I read in Asbury Theological Seminary's Spring Reader 2009. I just received my paper copy in the mail because it went to my old address. I am loving it so far and have even gone back to look at previous days/weeks. You can access the reader online each day here if you are needing something to walk you through Lent and Eastertide. It is pretty fantastic. It has a passage, spiritual exercises, and prayers and thoughts from the saints through the ages (speaking my language!!).

HONOR. Think about it. Commit it to memory. God and others. Share your thoughts with God and those around you.


Carolina Girl said...

I'm loving this idea! I'll let you know how I do this week!

Matt and Jenny said...

Jules, I love it. And thank you for your sweet compliment. Honor. I am going to think on that one. The first thing that comes to mind is putting something in high regard and esteem. Setting it apart. And that is what we are called and should desire to do with the Lord.
Also, I love the new wallpaper! Have a great day!

Julie said...

I've been thinking a lot about HONOR this week. What does it mean that God will "honor" us? How have we interpreted or misinterprested that as Christians? What does it look like to honor: God, your spouse, others? How can we bring God honor by giving respect and honor to people who do not share our beliefs/worldview? How can we honor others and also honor and respect ourselves? What does it look like to honor your father and mother at this stage in life?

These are the questions floating around in my mind as I contemplate the word of the week. Thoughts?

Julie said...

We are reaching the end of the week of HONOR. I find myself thinking that these words of the "week" are going to be much more than that. We will move on and begin thinking about another word, but...suffice it to say that HONOR is still very much on my mind.

For now, God is reminding me personally that HONOR is a daily decision. I choose to honor God, my husband, my family, and others. It is a conscious choice and one I must make each day, each moment even. God is also reminding me that even when I am less than honorable, He loves me anyway. This inspires me to give Him more honor and praise. The same is true when we find ourselves loved in spite of ourselves in our everyday, too. Love always and ultimately calls forth love...