Friday, December 05, 2008

An Update of Sorts!

Jason and I had a fantastic, whirlwind trip to Kentucky for the book-signing event. It was both no-big-deal and a-very-big-deal at the same time. It was no biggie because it was an intimate, informal affair. There were a handful of people there I knew and equally as many that I did not. It was fun and surreal. So very weird to be sitting up there signing books like I knew what I was doing! I definitely need to work on my signature. :)

It was also a pretty big deal because of how it motivated me. My husband (Jason) got completely into it and snapped a ton of pictures. He is constantly reminding me of my desire to ultimately write on my own and that night was no exception. His excitement over this little event really inspired me. The whole experience energized and motivated me to move forward with writing something on my own. I've already made myself a tentative schedule and plan to get started at the turn of the year. Feel free to join Jason in bugging me about it...I need the accountability!

It has been super-busy around here since our quick trip to Kentucky. We have been to Arkansas and back to visit family and have some fun. We have been busy on this end decorating for Christmas and trying to stay on top of our Christmas shopping, too. I also had an interview today for a job I hope to get here in Auburn. I promise to post another update soon!

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ldck said...

Miss you! Need your number! We must connect! I will be in AR for Christmas...will you!?

Congrats on all your recent triumphs!

Love ya,