Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something Old...

This is a "Scripture Poem" I wrote for my Vocation of Ministry class in seminary. I thought it was worth sharing. I didn't include all the Scripture references...I challenge YOU to find them! :)

My precious, precious are Mine and I love you
I have fearfully and wonderfully made you
And I will carry you and sustain you on this journey of faith

I have called you to this life of ministry
Of sharing My grace with My people
Tell them what I have done for you and how I alone am your source of strength
Speak boldly of My presence in your life
Of My saving grace, overflowing compassion, and great love for you
Tell them about My Son, Jesus for these people

Do not worry, My child, about what you have to offer...
Just trust Me, love Me, and seek Me and I will give you what you need
You cannot imagine the great plans that I have for you
Your future is bright with hope...this is what you were created for
The road ahead is not easy, but I go before you
Just call on Me and I will reveal Myself to you and lead you through
I am your compass and your guide on this incredible not fear

If you will look to Me for strength, you can accomplish anything...anything
Nothing is impossible for you if you put your trust in Me
Pray and I will answer
Endeavor to speak and I will be your voice
Climb the highest mountain and I will be your feet
Go to battle and I will be your shield
You never walk alone...


Katie Swisher said...

Thanks for this Julie. It came at a most opportune time for me! :) Miss you...

Jamie Lynn said...

I needed this tonight. I hope you are well. I miss my late night library buddy.
Jamie Lynn