Friday, December 08, 2006

Renewal and Refreshment

I just returned from a college ministry conference at The Woodlands UMC in Texas late last night. This morning I find myself both very tired and completely refreshed. The conference was aptly titled "Refresh 2006." This is exactly what happened for me in just a few short days. I feel spiritually, personally, and professionally refreshed and renewed.

The conference afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with some friends from seminary and establish some new connections. I was also able to spend a significant amount of time with a professor and friend of mine who consistently speaks God's truth (which is both encouraging and challenging!) into my life. She breathed new life in me in the time we spent together. For this I am most grateful...

I also found the speakers and seminars at this conference to be very helpful. Most of the people who spoke or taught were others who are in the trenches of college ministry as well. I found their knowledge compelling and challenging and their authenticity refreshing. It was wonderful to be around such knowledge and humility.

I had a wonderful time in Houston this past weekend...wonderful. I reconnected with Jesus, dear friends, and new friends. And I reconnected with myself. More on this later...

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