Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Falling Down

April 5, 2006

so, i fall down a lot. those that know (and love!) me well are wondering why i feel the need to say that. it is common knowledge. i am a clutz. my friend rob says that i fight a losing battle with gravity daily. mean...but true.

my most recent spill happened this past weekend in LA. here i am in the trendy-city and i cannot even walk a straight line. as i fell forward, my friend craig just laughed at me. i do not blame him...it was probably quite hilarious to watch. and i am sure that someone famous like matthew mcconaughay was lurking in the shadows laughing at me. in an effort to make me feel better, my friend says that i probably blend right in with the countless drunk people walking the streets. again...mean, but true.

as if this isn't enough...he continues. he tells me he thinks the reason i fall down so much is because i have a freakishly long second toe i tell him that this is a sign of "dominance" and "wisdom." he thinks this is a load of crap. i am inclined to agree.

i share this little story to let you know that i continue to fight that losing battle with gravity and to give you a cheap laugh. i also share this because this particular fall and my friend's reaction to my spill got me thinking about the ridiculous platitudes we share with each other. like the idea that a long second toe is a sign of wisdom. so what? some guy who has nothing better to do but study feet decides this? it is probably not true.

what is true is that i do fall down a lot, i have strange feet (that are also a size an a half different from each other...), i am quirky, and i am sometimes difficult. these are all things that my friend knows about me...and he loves me anyway.

i did not intend to wax poetic or anything...i just wanted to share another funny julie-story about falling. alas, though, this is another one of my quirks. i am a cheeseball. i say all of this to say thanks to you people who call me friend and put up with me.

that is all...

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